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"Vocalist, harp man, artist, raconteur and legend in his spare time, San Pedro Slim puts a CD out about every decade or so whether he needs to or not. This December release is his strongest effort to date. It is an album of straight up blues originals whose themes center around the adventures of the urban domicile that just happens to be located on the wrong side of the tracks. Slim is backed by guitarist Nathan James and his very talented band the Ryhthm Scratchers. Guitarist Rick Holmstrom, pianist Taryn Donath and horn man Johnny Viau also appear on this fine record." —Bluesjunctionproductions.com


​"I think San Pedro Slim should be featured in Blues Festivals the world over and featuring near the very top of artist credits." —Blues & Rhythm UK


"San Pedro Slim has a bad habit of releasing excellent cd's all too infrequently.......Recorded and supported by NATHAN JAMES this racous set of harp blues is as good as anything Slim has released....Quirky songs, great rhythm support and a tongue planted firmly in the cheek make this a fave here at Bluebeat.....The RHYTHM SCRATCHERS are a great band for Slim and RICK HOLMSTROM adds his usual stellar support......Coming in just under the wire in December, this set may qualify for one of our faves for 2013........"


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Another Night On The Town


One Room Utilities Paid No Pets